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Prepay Easy Reward Card

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Plum Island Coffee Roasters, Commune Café and Soufflés

Based on our individual store “buy 10 get one free” stamp loyalty card programs, our digital rewards program awards you on everything you purchase - drink, food and beans.

Enjoy the added benefit of being able to go online to add value to your card or feel free to do so at the register.

Not carrying cash or your credit card? We can look you up by email!

As an aside -

If you are a credit card user, signing up and keeping value on your PERC is a great help to us as a small business.

Each time we run your credit card we are charged a flat fee – no matter what the charge. As an example, if we run your card for a small coffee, it costs us money! Adding value to your card cost us only one fee as opposed to a fee for each individual purchase.

May we say “Thank you!” in advance?

Enjoy the PERC!